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Customized support and specialized IT platforms for investment services

Wealth Overview

Moltiply Wealth emerges as a leading provider in the wealth management and financial advisory sector, originating from back-office outsourcing and fund administration for investment companies. It has since evolved into a comprehensive provider of end-to-end solutions. Our foundation rests on proprietary workflow and onboarding platforms, alongside core legacy systems through selected partnerships.

Moltiply Wealth is the premier choice for new investment or wealth management firms seeking to outsource their middle and back-office operations entirely or partially. Our evolution has seen us create a specific offering to cater to family offices and UHNW (Ultra-High Net Worth) individuals with tailored services, positioning us as a pivotal player in streamlining and enhancing the wealth management process.

By leveraging our deep industry expertise and innovative technological platforms, Moltiply Wealth is uniquely positioned to enhance operational efficiency, governance, and strategic advisory, setting new standards in the wealth management landscape.

Service offering & IT platforms

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Sell-Side Services

Moltiply Wealth's Sell-Side unit specializes in the BPO of Wealth Management products processes, ranging from mutual funds (Italian / Luxembourg and Ireland) to alternative investment funds, financial-insurance products (index and unit linked, private insurance, etc.), pension funds, and personalized asset management strategies. Our accounting expertise, product-specific knowledge, and governance approach enable comprehensive administrative process oversight. We support SGR/SIM/Banks in daily activities and periodic tasks, even when outsourced to specialized structures, with an “Enhanced Governance” scheme and interconnected service modules for financial process control and governance.

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Buy-Side Services

Moltiply Wealth handles all the administrative and managerial tasks that financial intermediaries need. We offer client onboarding, financial instrument registry management, settlement processes, and AML reporting platforms. Our suite also includes front and back-office applications with anomaly detection, executive dashboards, and risk management tools. This integrated approach ensures regulatory compliance, supports sales networks, and gives financial advisors advanced technological infrastructure, making operations more efficient. Moreover, Moltiply Wealth is a one-stop solution for entities that want to distribute financial investment products, offering complete IT infrastructure and application management. Our services ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, supporting wealth management firms with customized mobile solutions and strong technological platforms. This streamlined, end-to-end service model makes Moltiply Wealth a key partner for navigating the financial investment domain with ease and expertise.

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Wealth Management

Moltiply Wealth has also developed a set of specialized services and tools specifically designed to cater to the needs of family offices and wealth managers, ensuring an unparalleled support structure for sophisticated financial ecosystems. This includes comprehensive portfolio aggregation and consolidated reporting services, advanced tax reporting for holding companies used as financial asset investment vehicles, and meticulous management of succession processes. Our offerings are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by family offices and UHNW individuals, providing them with a seamless wealth management experience. By integrating innovative technological solutions with specialized advisory services, Moltiply Wealth empowers clients to navigate the complexities of asset management with confidence and efficiency, reinforcing our commitment to delivering value and excellence in every aspect of our service.

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FEEONLY is a comprehensive suite designed for MIFID II compliance and wealth management. It supports a wide range of financial intermediaries with its innovative web-based platform, which allows efficient management and automation of operational activities and internal processes, as well as powerful front end reporting features. FEEONLY can interface with existing back office/legacy systems, acting as presentation, simulation, aggregation and reporting layer, or provide a self-sufficient infrastructure for smaller intermediaries, offering a flexible and modular approach for diverse client management. Clients and/or their advisors can access data either via a web-based platform (where they can monitor the portfolio, perform performance analyses and generate reports on demand) or via fully customizable data flows or reports.

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Moltiply's middle office platform, "QT-FONDI," leverages advanced proprietary technology to streamline the NAV calculation process, providing an independent control mechanism as mandated by financial regulations. This platform effectively aggregates and normalizes diverse data flows, facilitating the digital transformation of data and documents from various sources. Its automation capabilities enhance productivity and ensure high-quality outputs, including advanced reporting and web interfaces. This positions Moltiply as a technology leader, ready to integrate future solutions like blockchain transactions and AI-generated insights, reinforcing its market leadership.

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The service offering of Moltiply is structured along specialised business lines.


Remote loan sales and packaging and mortgage underwriting and closing services; notary support services.


Management and claim settlement outsourcing services.

Real Estate

Real estate appraisal services and technical real estate services for operators in the financial sector and debt collection.


BPO services and IT core solutions for leasing and long-term rental operators.


Application processing and portfolio management services for salary/pension guaranteed loans, and for business loans to companies, also assisted by a guarantee from the State.