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Lease Overview

Moltiply stands at the forefront of leasing and rental services, delivering unmatched expertise and technology-driven solutions through its Lease Business Line. Harnessing the synergy of Agenzia Italia's comprehensive service suite and NSIL core software platform, we cater to a vast spectrum of needs from primary servicing to integrated mobility systems, setting new standards in the leasing and rental industry.

Moltiply, through its Agenzia Italia and its subsidiaries, is a premier partner in the leasing and rental sector, offering unparalleled end-to-end solutions for financial portfolio management, leasing, and rental services, including integrated mobility systems. With a specialized tech company at its core, and the market leading NSIL platform, Moltiply is at the forefront of digital transformation, providing cutting-edge software solutions to banks, financial, and rental companies, ensuring a seamless, innovative operational flow.

The comprehensive suite of services, shared via the Agita Online virtual workspace, allows all stakeholders to interact and access vital information effortlessly. Moltiply's dedication to analyzing mobility megatrends has led to the creation of AgitaLab, a research lab that collaborates with universities and institutions to pioneer the future of pay-per-use systems and mobility. This broad spectrum of services, combined with advanced technology and regulatory expertise, positions Moltiply's Lease Business Line as a market-leading partner for entities seeking to focus on their core activities while relying on a certified, reliable structure with a diversified and widely recognized market track record.

Service offering & IT platforms

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Automotive & Instrumental

Moltiply Lease specializes in full outsourcing for both leasing and rentals, emphasizing automotive and instrumental sectors. We streamline the pre-contractual phase, manage centralized registrations, and handle post-sale operations, including property tax payments and insurance back-office processes. Our model is structured around an annual fee, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support for our clients.

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Primary Servicer

The Primary Servicer offering specializes in managing leasing credit portfolios for institutional investors since 2016, including real estate, instrumental, naval, and automotive leases, both performing and non-performing. The service cluster boasts diverse professional teams offering comprehensive services. The operation team provides operational management, credit decision support, customer service, and manages contractual events like redemptions, substitutions, and restructuring. The Accounting & Administration team handles invoicing, tax payments, and inter-account transfers. Reporting, Budgeting & Forecasting professionals focus on monitoring performance, risk, credit trends, financial due diligence, and investor reporting. Lastly, the Legal team addresses contractual issues, dispute management, and external legal studies. This structure ensures all-round management, from operational support to legal and financial oversight, offering investors a seamless portfolio management experience.

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Management Desk

Management Desk offers a comprehensive credit management solution that combines proprietary technology with specialized expertise to handle pre-litigation and credit protection in both judicial and extrajudicial phases. The service is designed to address the early stages of delinquency, focusing on operations with unpaid installments within the first 90 days. Through digital processes, virtual files, and an operational workflow, Management Desk streamlines legal management, enhancing efficiency and precision in credit strategy execution. It provides an integrated approach to managing all contracts associated with a customer's total exposure, leveraging historical information and business intelligence to develop targeted and effective credit management strategies. This innovative platform supports precise and determined customer needs, aligning with regulatory Basel timelines for optimal credit chain management and recovery performance.

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Advanced Analytics

Thank to our extensive vehicle data collection, we can leverage advanced analytics to provide insights and anti-fraud measures. With the capability to handle vehicle portfolio clustering, based on ESG parameters like CO2 emissions. Moreover, the service generates vital outputs for fraud detection, including ownership and model transfer frauds.

Agenzia Italia has been pioneering in fraud prevention solutions since 1998, leveraging public and private databases combined through business analytics to create synthetic and analytical indicators. These indicators are instrumental in identifying fraud, enhancing credit scoring models with anti-fraud products. Moreover, we conduct inspection visits for automotive instrumental goods financing, verifying the existence and correspondence of goods, providing a valuable tool for risk managers. This service, complemented by retail leasing monitoring, ensures the accuracy of orders and deliveries, safeguarding lessors from fraud attempts and enhancing the financiers' fraud prevention measures.

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Additional Services

Our offering is completed additional bolt-on services, like with administrative leasing redemptions, leasing contract substitutions, technical nautical services, facilitated leasing, public service desks, back-office factoring services, and Agita Online, our web workspace. These diverse offerings demonstrate Moltiply's broad expertise and capability to cater to various customer needs in the leasing and rental market.

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Our Core IT solution, NSIL is a comprehensive platform for managing leasing, and other form of lending (including POS financing and salary-backed loans (CQS)) and recognized as a market-leading solution for leasing companies. It manages both front-office and back-office operations, including managerial, accounting, financial, and regulatory aspects. NSIL stands out for its extensive automation, ensuring immediate consistency across managerial, accounting, financial, balance sheet, Bank of Italy, and regulatory areas. This platform ensures precise adherence to transparency, regulatory compliance, and financial management requirements, making it an essential tool for financial institutions in managing leasing operations efficiently and compliantly.

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FRIEND Web revolutionizes the front-end experience for Leasing, Renting, and Financing operations, embodying a digital 4.0 system that's accessible 24x7. This innovative platform offers digital desks, comprehensive process workflows, and paperless document management complemented by digital signing capabilities, all within a user-friendly web environment. While natively integrated with NSIL, FRIEND stands out for its interoperability, seamlessly communicating with any back-office system via web services to maintain system integrity. It supports multifaceted business enhancements like multiple revenue recognitions per contract and diverse amortization plans, ensuring flexibility in asset management. This platform streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, from automatic contract generation from selected quotes to intricate post-contract variations, ensuring operational efficiency and strategic adaptability.

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The PRAUT platform, developed internally by Agenzia Italia, is a comprehensive software suite designed for managing all aspects of motor assets administrative management, including vehicle registration, document verification, tax management, asset redemption (both early and final), and all related leasing and rental contract services. This platform consists of over 80 modules that enhance operational efficiency and document management through digitalization, including digital signatures and a paperless environment. Its front-end, AOL (Agita On Line), offers flexibility and transparency, allowing clients to manage and access information and documents effectively. With over a million external accesses annually, PRAUT reflects Moltiply's commitment to continuous organizational efficiency and process improvement through IT solutions, ensuring high standards of efficiency and security in line with international standards.

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Remote loan sales and packaging and mortgage underwriting and closing services; notary support services.


Complete operational service solutions and technology platforms to investment and asset management companies.

Real Estate

Real estate appraisal services and technical real estate services for operators in the financial sector and debt collection.


Management and claim settlement outsourcing services.


Application processing and portfolio management services for salary/pension guaranteed loans, and for business loans to companies, also assisted by a guarantee from the State.