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Loans Overview

Moltiply is a leading provider of comprehensive outsourcing services and technology solutions for credit operations, covering both personal and business loans. As a crucial partner for banks in managing the complex world of credit, Moltiply's dual focus covers both Retail and Corporate domains, ensuring a complete coverage from loan origination to servicing.

Moltiply's Loans Business Line is dedicated, through its subsidiary, to the expert outsourcing management of intricate credit, financial, and insurance processes in the Retail (e.g., personal loans, salary-backed loans, credit cards) and Corporate sectors (e.g., secured and unsecured business loans, subsidized financing, PNRR, and factoring), extending also into Legal services for comprehensive debt recovery. This business line thrives on fast origination/digital lending and credit servicing solutions, offering modular to integrated approaches via its advanced technological and management platforms. Emphasizing digitalization, continuous innovation, and a consultative approach, Moltiply delivers distinctive strategies and services, ensuring efficiency, quality, and alignment with client needs through its extensive experience and specialized resources.

By operating in a constantly evolving market context, Moltiply's Loans Business Line not only covers the entire operational spectrum from origination to servicing in ordinary and structured finance but also offers specialized information services, for anti-fraud purposes. This versatility demonstrates Moltiply's capability to partner with banks on every credit-related front, offering unparalleled support and innovation.

Service offering & IT platforms

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Retail Origination

Moltiply's Retail Origination services adeptly handle a variety of loan types, including salary-backed loans (CQS), personal loans, and POS loans, facilitating a swift and efficient application process. Moltiply excels in digitizing the whole process, ensuring a seamless and efficient application journey for consumers. Our approach includes the dematerialization of documentation through scanning, indexing, and analysis, alongside thorough completeness checks to verify all necessary paperwork is accurate and complete. We manage document integration by liaising with financial institutions and commercial networks during the preliminary stages, conducting analyses for pre-approval, and coordinating with relevant parties such as insurance companies, pension funds, and wholesale banks. The final presentation of applications to clients' Back Office for disbursement is meticulously handled, ensuring all post-disbursement documentation is digitized, archived, and any physical documentation returned to the customer. This comprehensive service framework underscores Moltiply's commitment to enhancing retail loan origination with precision, efficiency, and a focus on digital innovation.

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Retail Servicing

Moltiply's Retail Loans Servicing excels in managing the lifecycle of retail loans, with special attention to credit guarantees and insurance claims management for events such as borrower death or loss of income. This process involves intricate coordination with financial institutions, insurance providers, and beneficiaries to ensure accurate and timely claim processing. Additionally, our services extend to comprehensive account management, including payment reconciliation, loan modification, credit collections and customer service, ensuring financial stability for both the institution and the borrowers. By leveraging advanced technology and specialized expertise, Moltiply offers a seamless and efficient servicing solution that enhances customer satisfaction and maintains portfolio health, and is the recognized market leader for CQS/CQP portfolios.

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Corporate Orgination

Moltiply enhances the corporate origination process for banks with a suite of services tailored to manage guaranteed loans for SMEs. Our comprehensive process begins with pre-feasibility checks, including documentation acquisition and evaluation, ensuring a strong foundation for loan applications. We efficiently register company data within bank systems, leveraging Business Information for data retrieval. The meticulous preparation of application materials ensures completeness and correctness, requiring minimal adjustments.

Following initial checks, Moltiply handles the electronic loading of loan applications, performing thorough document verifications aligned with bank policies and guarantee criteria (e.g., FdG, ISMEA, SACE). Our platform integrates database checks and scoring, formal and substantial document review, financial statement reclassification, and creditworthiness analysis. This thorough approach, underpinned by shared guideline analyses, positions Moltiply as a critical facilitator in the corporate loan origination process, ensuring SMEs receive the support they need with efficiency and precision.

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Corporate Servicing

In Corporate Servicing, Moltiply provides an extensive framework to support banks in managing guaranteed loans, particularly focusing on compliance with the Guarantee Fund (FdG) requirements. Our services encompass documentation recovery for FdG audits, risk event detection, and communication, alongside the monitoring of financial conditions changes and their reporting to the FdG. This ensures banks meet all regulatory and fund requirements efficiently, safeguarding both their interests and those of their SME clients.

The process continues with insolvency analysis and monitoring Info providers signals output to protect credit and initiate recovery actions when necessary. Moltiply's expert handling of concursual procedures, renegotiation requests, and transactional proposals reflects our comprehensive approach to credit management. Furthermore, we assist in executing guarantee claims, monitoring outcomes, and ensuring the alignment of payment receptions with bank systems, showcasing our commitment to optimizing corporate loan servicing through meticulous management and strategic support.

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Structured Finance Services

Moltiply's Structured Finance services encompass a comprehensive suite designed to support and optimize securitization operations. Our Back-up Servicing (BUS) ensures readiness for servicing in securitization transactions, while Operational Credit Monitoring (OCM) focuses on the periodic assessment of originators/servicers' operational performance. The Operational Support Management (OSM) service analyzes the completeness and compliance of documentation for securitized positions. Our Sub-Servicing offering manages post-sale credit portfolios as a primary sub-servicer, ensuring efficiency and compliance. Additionally, we provide AML support for Master Servicers, facilitating document checks in both retail and corporate sectors. Moltiply also conducts due diligence and auditing services to evaluate intermediaries' performance in portfolio management, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in structured finance.

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The Q-TASK platform is a sophisticated web-based workflow system engineered to bolster the diverse operations of the Moltiply Loans Business Line. It allows for customization to suit the specific needs of each client, enabling a wide variety of process management. Q-TASK architecture allows for an integrated approach, giving both Moltiply's internal teams and external financial operators the tools to efficiently navigate and manage workflows.

Process flow is automatically synchronized with planned activities, ensuring adherence to timelines and allowing for the smooth scheduling of tasks. Manual adjustments are also possible, allowing the flexibility to respond to urgent operational needs.

Q-TASK's capabilities extend to a comprehensive set of functionalities that cover every aspect of task management. From access controls and authorizations to document handling and communication management, the platform delivers an all-in-one solution for operational excellence. It enables Moltiply to uphold high standards of performance and KPI monitoring, ensuring that client banks achieve their operational goals with reliability and superior service quality. Q-TASK is designed with EBA guidelines on outsourcing in mind, ensuring that client banks in complete control of outsourced activities, providing peace of mind and strategic advantage.

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