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Innovation and platform performance are our core business.

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At Moltiply, we are process and technology geeks. We strive every day to ensure that our operators and clients have the best IT tools at their disposal to MOLtiply their productivity. That's why we manage the entire technology supply chain in-house: infrastructure, software, operations and innovation.

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Every day our process analysts work with our teams and customers to identify all opportunities for operational improvement; these include leveraging in-house capabilities in Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and integration with third-party services, such as LLM algorithms. Our R&D team, supported by Lean experts, is exploiting LLM technologies to empower Agile software development processes integrating internal tools with ChatBots trained on proprietary Data Lake.

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How we do it

Fully controlling the technology. We have several development teams in Italy supported by our company in India, as well as dedicated RPA and AI&ML teams. The infrastructure is managed by the System Development Department (Cyber Security, Site Reliability and Network Engineering teams).

Our Platforms

Moltiply's proprietary platforms serve as the backbone for our comprehensive suite of services, ensuring seamless, efficient operations. This technological foundation not only enhances productivity and service quality but also positions Moltiply as a leader in digital transformation of the financial industry.


Engineered by the analysts who have ensured for more than 20 years that our backoffice has the best mortgage underwriting process, the MELO platform is also available to our clients. Completely refactored in recent years, it is technically a Single-Page Application (SPA) written in TypeScript and based on React 18. Graphically it is based on the Ant Design component library. Routing (with deep linking) is done with React Router. Data exchange with the backend is handled by Relay that interfaces with a GraphQL endpoint implemented by an ASP.NET Web API that also provides REST endpoints.


An acronym for Identification - Download - Onboarding - Signature, IDOS is the proprietary platform with which the end customer (e.g., the loan applicant) can remotely identify himself (with SPID or photo/video identification, also valid for AML purposes), can digitally sign documentation, download product brochures, upload documents (including via smartphone camera), and track the progress of his application. The platform is based on .NET Framework and REACT technology and is fully modular; different modules (e.g., the identification , signature, recognition module, ...) can be activated through an operations console also developed with the same technologies. Features of liveness detection, face recognition, speech to text, and automatic reading of data from documents, optimized through machine learning systems, have been included. It is fully optimized for mobile use and can be whitelabeled allowing customization of module layouts.


The reference framework for our backoffice applications, completely developed in house by MOL based on Microsoft's .NET Core, Entity Framwork ORM and React, adopts the brand new "Code First" paradigm allowing the full transposition of business logic, on generic domain classes, enabling the complete independence from the Database architecture and design, very common, unfortunately, still today in many apparently "main-stream" applications. MIDA is an "Open Framework" capable of generalizing and embedding business functions within reusable classes and modules, via Composition, thus enabling the generation of very compact and easily maintained specific applications (Single Core -> Multi App). "Open Framework" features allow MIDA to scale both vertically and horizontally and is containerizable within a Docker or Kubernetes image.

Some of the tecnologies we work with

Our “motto” is to design and develop best-in-class technology using the best-in-class platforms and software, carefully selected, and tested, by our engineering teams. Below you can find a small subset of the technology and tools we use to craft our software. This is not final as our technology team is still experimenting on a continuously endeavor to improve what we deliver to our customers.