The new brand of Gruppo MutuiOnline, a European leader in financial innovation

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Moltiply Group S.p.A. (“Moltiply”) will be the new name of the holding company of a group operating in two separate and independent business segments, through specialized “Divisions”, each composed of several dedicated subsidiaries:

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The Moltiply Division

(aka “BPO Division”), one of the main Italian players in the provision of complex BPO and IT services for the financial sector.

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The Mavriq Division

(aka “Broking Division”), one of the main international players in the provision of online comparison and intermediation services, operating in Italy, Spain, France and Mexico. More information can be found on the dedicated Mavriq website.

Moltiply was founded in Milan in 2000 with the name of “Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A.” with an initial focus on online mortgage intermediation, soon to be followed by credit BPO services. Since 2012 the group became increasingly diversified, both thanks to greenfield initiatives and acquisitions. The name will change on 29 April, 2024 in a rebranding project [watch the video] aiming at recognizing the broader scope, as well as the different communication needs of the Divisions. For more information about Moltiply, please refer to the About us section.

Moltiply trades on the Italian stock exchange with the “MOL” ticker since 2007. For investor information please refer to the Investor Relations pages.

Multiplying the competiveness of the Italian financial industry

Value Proposition

As a BPO and technology partner, we aim to provide our clients with a competitive edge in their operations, offering them a distinct advantage that can significantly impact their business. Blending expertise and cutting-edge technology with a collaborative partnership approach to find the best solution to each process.


Vertical Specialists

Our team comprises experts in each of our business lines who possess an in-depth understanding of our clients' processes, often exceeding our clients' own knowledge and capabilities. We excel in adapting swiftly to evolving market challenges, showcasing agility, resourcefulness, and flexibility that surpass our competitors.

Enabling Technology

We've cultivated our proprietary technology to propel us towards continuous enhancement and innovation, particularly in optimizing intricate processes. This empowers us to continually evolve and swiftly respond to emerging demands. Our system is thoughtfully designed to yield transformative outcomes for our clients, but it doesn't necessarily require groundbreaking solutions. Instead, it strives to create a discernible 'before and after' impact on our clients' businesses.

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Long Term Partnership

We have embarked on a successful journey in partnership with our clients, approaching their' businesses as if they were our own, driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver the best solutions and a deep passion for our work. Intellectual honesty is our guiding principle, ensuring that we never engage in overselling or any opportunistic behavior that could harm our clients. Our partnership is built for the long term, and our success is intricately linked to the success of our clients.

Moltiply Service Lines

The service offering of Moltiply is structured along specialised business lines.

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Remote loan sales and packaging and mortgage underwriting and closing services; notary support services.

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Application processing and portfolio management services for salary/pension guaranteed loans, and for business loans to companies, also assisted by a guarantee from the State.

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Complete operational service solutions and technology platforms to investment and asset management companies.

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Real Estate

Real estate appraisal services and technical real estate services for operators in the financial sector and debt collection.

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BPO services and IT core solutions for leasing and long-term rental operators.



Management and claim settlement outsourcing services.

Moltiply also operates a specialised services in the sector of hypocadastrial information and a showcase regulated credit origination platform.

Leading the way in online comparison and intermediation